The Wayward Ones bring a fresh, edgy twist to vintage bluesy rock, flavored with funky soul and sweet Americana. Deeply influenced by the soulful vibe of 70s music, the band’s music is a mix of earthy grooves, sweet harmonies, and catchy hooks. Live shows feature soulful vocal harmonies and righteous guitar interplay, riding on a solid foundation of infectious grooves.

The Wayward Ones regularly host "Lowground Family Jams" featuring their musical collaborators (some of the best musicians in the Portland music scene) sitting in, jamming, trading off of lead vocals, harmonies, solos, and magic moments... Family Jams are truly special events reflecting Rob Larkin's ego-less approach to music, letting all of the musicians opportunities shine through the show.

The band's founder Rob Larkin is a schooled and road-seasoned guitarist, award-winning songwriter, singer, and collaborator.  Rob is making tracks touring the United States as a solo artist as well as with the band. As a session guitarist, he has worked with greats such as Brian MacLeod (Sheryl Crow) and Rami Jaffee (The Wallflowers, Foo Fighters), and is known for using his soulful songwriting sensitivity to tastefully add the guitar parts that suit the song.

Look for much more to come, with the 2018 release of the band's new album Lights Are Burning on their independent label Lowground Records:


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